Ridetech MagneTuner 2014-2017 C7 Corvette

Ridetech MagneTuner 2014-2017 C7 Corvette

  • $1,290.00

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  • For MagneRide-equipped 2014-17 C7 Corvettes and  2016-17 Shelby GT350
  • Calibrated for the true high performance enthusiast
  • Improved ride quality as well as handling performance
  • Plug N Play 20 minute installation
  • Enhances ALL suspension modes…Eco, Weather, Touring, Sport, and Track
  • Makes the car far more predictable and comfortable to drive at speed

The handling on your MagneRide-equipped Corvette or Shelby Mustang is very good. We get it. There is, however, room for improvement with respect to individual tailoring. MagneTuner helps you optimize your car’s magnetorheological suspension control for your personal driving preferences and driving environment. A track day enthusiast commuting in a pothole-riddled area is likely to have different tuning requirements than a hardcore autocross racer cruising along on smooth streets.

The OEM suspension engineers have done a good job tuning these suspensions for a wide range of customers, climates, driving styles, and road/track conditions. BUT…many of these imposed calibration strategies may or may not apply to you or your particular car.The MagneTuner is an integrated suspension ECU that directly replaces your OEM suspension ECU. It comes pre-programmed with a calibration that not only GREATLY enhances the handling and stability of your car, but GREATLY improves ride quality as well! The same tuning strategies that allow the tire to remain in contact with the track act to enhance ride quality. It is truly a NO COMPROMISE solution!