C6 Z06 Corvette Airaid SynthaMax CAD Intake Systems (Blue Filter)

  • $356.97

Part Number: 253-216

Maximize your engine's performance with Airaid SynthaMax CAD intake systems! The cold air dam design seals directly to the hood and isolates engine heat away from your intake, allowing cooler air to run through the system. These intakes feature dual layered SynthaMax filters, constructed using the finest 100 percent synthetic materials for unrivaled filtering efficiency.

Servicing is easy with oil-free maintenance--simply wash them in a mild household detergent and rinse. That's it! Their filters are built with a hand-poured urethane body that won't crack, curl, or shrink like some competitors'. They use the stock air filter location, but add a boost with a huge air inlet that keeps more cold air flowing through the 360 degree filter. Airaid SynthaMax CAD intake systems maximize your horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency.