2015-2017 GT-350 Suspension Upgrade TrakPak 2

  • $1,560.00

We put together a package of parts that are a must have for any S550 Mustang, Street or Track. These parts have been tested together and completely change the way your Mustang handles and launches! TrakPak 2 adds parts to increase lateral grip with stiffer anti-roll bars.


BMR CB005 Cradle Lockout kit

BMR BK051 Diff Lockout kit

BMR BK055 Lower Control arm Bearing

BMR TCA045 Vertical Links

BMR BRT001 Bushing removal tool

BMR SB044 Adjustable Front Sway Bar

BMR BK076 Delrin Sway Bar Bushing Upgrade

BMR SB045 Adjustable Rear Sway Bar